What I Wore

I recently decided that I need more heels in my closet so I went shopping via internet at Forever21 - my "go to" store. Boy was that a bad idea. I ended up having at least 5 more things in my cart than I wanted to and less money in my wallet! But that's besides the point because look at these heels! How could you not get excited when these get dropped off at your door?

Now I'm the kind of girl who wears flats/boots/sneakers everywhere. I only own about 2 pairs of "heels" if you can call them that. I also cannot do that super thin heel - I would probably kill myself just walking to my front door. But Forever21 now has a huge line of these thick really trendy heels which I am super excited about. The best thing about these heels is they can be dressed up AND dressed down! Wear them with a pair of shorts and a t-shirt? Great! Wear them with black tight skinny jeans and a nice blouse! Of course! Wear them with a nice skin tight dress and a jean jacket? Absolutely!

There are so many ways to wear these heels - my favorite pairing is what is pictured above - these heels plus my jean joggers. So comfy, so chic, and so classic.

What are your favorite dress up/dress down heels? xoxo

G E T   T H E   L O O K:

>> Faux Leather Ankle Cuff Sandals <<
>> Women's Joggers <<


Coffee Addiction

OK So adding the word "addiction" makes it seem like a bad thing but it's really not! Coffee is actually good for you! Just don't drink around 50 cups a day and you'll be fine.

I recently received a beautiful coffee / tea mug set from my stepmom and I haven't gotten the chance to blog about it - so... here you go! I love the color of these mugs and they match my apartment! I'll have to say that it has fed my addiction because I just want to use them all the time.
Though I absolutely cannot live without coffee, I have been drinking a lot of tea lately. I recently had to take a trip to the ER due to some heart palpitations and it was not fun. I have had an irregular heartbeat since I was little and usually it does not concern me but this time was just too intense. Better safe than sorry! I have been told multiple times to cut back on the coffee and I never listened but after that night int the ER and after scaring the sh*t out of my boyfriend I have chosen to drink only 1 or 2 cups of coffee / day. That, or I only drink tea!

One of my favorite bloggers, Corrina Nika recently blogged about her favorite tea and I absolutely have to try it! click here to visit her post! Perfectly timed too because I need to venture out and try more flavors!!! xoxo


What I Wore: b r i e l l e b e l l e

I have always been a nervous and uneasy person. I always worry (usually for no reason) and used to have such a negative frame of mind and way of thinking.
I stumbled upon Brielle Belle's Instagram a while back because at a glance I liked the design of the jewelry. It was only until recently I decided to spend about 25 min searching through the gallery and then researching the meaning behind the hamsa and om etc. I immediately took to the designs and the meaning and spirituality behind the symbolic jewelry. With all the craziness I have been through throughout the years I think a little piece and harmony - reflection and protection wouldn't hurt.

For those of you who are new to these ancient Middle Eastern symbols - the hamsa gives the ability to ward off the evil eye and attracts divine protetion. It is believed to fight off negative energies - which is to me, cleansing for the soul. The symbol om (ॐ) is of Hindu origin and is considered to be the most sacred mantra. It is mostly used when meditating but has a variety of meanings and history. It would take me a while to explain so if you are interested in om click here.

I advise that you check out Brielle Belle's store. She has a variety of pieces as well as yoga leggings and other items of clothing. Receiving the package was fun as well - it was wrapped in cute tiny heart boxes and little felt bags with flowers attached to them - I definitely felt special! Thanks, Brielle Belle!! xoxo


Valentine's Day (weekend)

This Valentine's Weekend has been bittersweet. The 15th was the anniversary of my mother's passing. It has only been 3 years and is still pretty hard to be constantly reminded of that haunting day when one of my worst fears had come true... a girl losing her mother, and so young too. I now have an amazing guardian angel looking after me and have gained my mother's strength.

Despite the not so wonderful memories, this Valentine's Weekend has been most excellent thanks to my wonderful guy. He has changed my life and I could not be any more happier than I am right now. He has filled my life with love, comfort, and bliss. Through him I have also gained many amazing friends whom I now hold dear to my heart. I am truly happy.
Yesterday my guy and I went to the Santa Cruz boardwalk. We walked along the beach and had a lovely lunch on the pier. My mother loved the beach so it seemed only fitting to be there for her. My first time in Santa Cruz and I loved it. :)


Birthday Treats & Places

I haven't posted in a while. Whoops.

My birthday was this past weekend and it was the best damn birthday a girl could ever have. I got to spend it with amazing people who I am so blessed to have in my life and whom I love dearly.
Anyways... two of my gifts posted below along with some of my favorite photos of mine on Instagram.